About Us
Company Profile
* 100% committed to the highest degree of customers' satisfaction;
* Comprehensive knowledge in materials including different type of plastic ( PP, PE, PET, PU, PVC, TPR, Silicon, Tritan,   ABS, AS and so forty …… ), metals ( Stainless steel, Aluminium, Alloy ), fabrics ( Nylon, Canvas), glass as well as   various coatings on drinkware & cookware, plastic and metal surface.......
* Pioneer in the application of Tritan copolymer to the production of drinkware;
* Technical knowhow in different manufacturing processes in plastic and metal including injection, blow molding,   compression, casting, pounding and anodizing ......
* Skills in different processes of printing and marking on products, including screen printing, pad printing, laser marking, texture engraving, stamping and etching;
* Speedy prototyping service and tooling set up;
* Proficiency in manufacturing management and skills in order follow up for prompt deliveries;
* Stringent quality control measures and steps taken in the manufacturing processes for quality assurance;
* Close relationship with our joint venture manufacturers and many leading factories built upon our reputation as a reliable partner to their business;